Santa Barbara Pottery and Tile Creates and Sells Beautiful Ceramic Tiles

Customer satisfaction is our promise by providing quality (innovative product line), timely delivery, and competitive pricing. We maintain good customer relations through positive interaction.

The beauty of our surroundings in Santa Barbara is an inspiration for the tiles: the ocean, sky, tile roofs, the Mission and its crosses, and the Mediterranean climate and location. Digital and analog cameras capture the images. Working with clay is fun, messy, challenging and wonderful. Some of the colors of our palette are cobalt blue, burnt orange, beige (sand) and Bermuda (blue-green).

We give back to the community by offering tile-making classes, donating tiles to organizations for fundraising, and skill in designing tiles to honor local people, memorials, plaques in public places.

The focus and attention will always be on excellence and those things
that are worthy of praise (Phil. 4:8). When people see the work, the
prayer and hope is my light will shine before others so that they may
see my good works and give glory to God (Matt 5:16).

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